• The disc three dimensional packaging machine
    Disc three-dimensional packaging machine is improved on the basis of the BTB-190A-machine is using BOPP film or PVC film locket items automatically conveying, stacking, forming seal junction. Formation of the shape of its packaging, beautiful, tightand can automatically paste Antiforging Pull to use such packaged products can play a forgery, and the effect of moisture, dust machine can be artificial feeding or automatic packaging packing machine cartoning machine with the front-end and back-end connection to formproduction line so greatly improved packaging efficiency, reduce the cost of corporate packaging, improve the quality of enterprise products, thereby enhancing the market competitiveness of the products, and greatly enhanced the value of the products. The aircraft is currently the first choice to replace the traditional shrink packaging, is the best choice of modern packaging collection. Packaging materials as OPP BOPP film, hot sticky cellophane and anti-counterfeiting gold cable.